Saturday, April 16, 2011

404: Day Two

---Day Two---

Just finished expanding my tree hole. I'm near total exhaustion, but I finished, and this time it seemed to work! I grew a tree and was able to cut it down without any of the leaves getting caught in any nearby lava!

 I'm feeling a bit more confident today ('day' being a relative term. It's impossible to tell time down here. The one day I forget my watch, sheesh). Yesterday, I managed to kill a giant spider and got some string from it. I think that if I can collect enough string from these beasts, I may be able to fashion a bow. The stupid skeletons give new meaning to the phrase 'I'll take it to my grave' with those bows of theirs - they seem to fall apart into dust when I kill one!

I have collected some of their arrows, though. They seem to be made from ordinary sticks (easy to make, thanks to my insta-tree formula), flint, and the feathers that the zombies inexplicably seem to be carrying. I've already collected some feathers, and flint should be pretty easy to find in any ordinary gravel pile. Look out, monsters, I'm coming for you!


I don't know what science has wrought, but I had a run-in with what could possibly be the most dangerous creature ever known. These horrid little green guys walk on four legs, but stand as tall as you or me. The move silently, creeping around the dark. I'd seen glimpses of them through the shadows before, but never had the displeasure of meeting one up-close. Until now.

You see, these things have but one method of fighting: they explode. That's right, these phallic monstrosities defend themselves by self-destructing and taking out anything and everything nearby.

I had opened a hole in the ceiling just outside my hidey-hole and saw two giant spiders. The eight-legged freaks are too big to fit into such a small opening, so I took the opportunity to stick my sword out and gut the bastards as they were jumping up and down, trying to get to me.

I had just killed one and collected my string when I saw a flash of green and heard a terrible hiss. I had barely enough time to back off when KABOOM! The little hole I had created expanded to a gaping crater leading up to a massive chamber. I'm lucky to have survived with little more than a bruised ass. I grabbed the string left by the other spider and ran back to safety.

The worst thing is that this cave is filled with those creeps.


I made my bow!


Having shaken off the adrenalin rush from my brush with death, I felt the need to secure the spider-hole. After a bit of work, I closed it back up and blocked off a few of the tunnels leading out into the darkness. I ended up even going so far as crafting a makeshift door out of wood.

But while I was out, exploring and renovating the outside of my cave, I spotted a skeleton inside. The bastard was hopping around next to my workbench, taunting me through the window. "Ha ha! The tables have turned!" it seemed to say, then proceeded to trample my crops! All fear left my body as a flood of rage cascaded in. I ran inside as quickly as I could and slew the beast. Fortunately, none of my wheat had been damaged.

After I calmed down, the fear returned like a dark curtain, clouding everything sane and rational. My home had been infiltrated.

Suddenly, I could hear them again; all the creaking, moaning, and yes, hissing. Monsters splashing around in the water outside, monsters crying out in the lava above and below, unspeakable horrors clawing at the walls. I panicked. I knew that the darkness brought the monsters. I knew that the jack-o-lanterns and the small pools of lava just wasn't enough. I needed more light. Had to have light. And so, a crazy plan hatched in my distraught mind: make a bucket. Move the lava.

I see now how crazy of an idea that is, but you know what's even crazier? It worked. I made myself a bucket (I don't remember entirely where I got the iron, but now there's a suspicious hole near my cactus trap...) and started toting around the lava like it was water from a well. I dug little holes here and there and filled them with the hot magma.

I'm not sure how or why it worked. The very idea of moving hot lava in a metal pail sounds ludicrous, but it worked, and now I feel safe.

---End of Day Two---

Score so far:

Zombie kills: 8 = 4pt
Spider kills: 3 = 3pt
Skeleton kills: 4 = 4pts
Pumpkins harvested: 3 =2pts
Jack-o-Lantern get! = 2pts
Bread get!: = 4pts

Total: 19pts

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