Friday, April 15, 2011

404: Day One

---Day One---

There are noises everywhere. I can hear them in the walls, in the ceiling, even under the floor. Groaning, creaking, hissing... constantly, echoing everywhere. I know they're there, in the darkness. Moving, shuffling, swimming... I've walled myself in. There's very little light, and it's very hot, but I think I'll be safe... for now. I was lucky enough to survive the fall... barely, and I can't sit here forever, though. I only have limited supplies. All that I had with me from the surface is already dwindling... I've made a crude farm with the seeds I picked, and fortune smiled on me that some water is flowing just on the other side of my wall - my saving grace - to keep the soil moist. Hopefully the wheat will grow, and then I can have bread.

It was one hell of a drop. I was having a pretty good day too. I had even stumbled upon a small group of pumpkins! I carved them up and put some candles in them to make some quick jack-o-lanterns. That's proving to be one of the best things I could have done, because without them, I would only have the faint light of the nearby lava to see by. Not that there's a lack of that of course, but the lava scares me almost as much as the clanking of bones that even now won't cease! Argh! It's driving me crazy! And those monster's even carry bows and arrows! I had to remove a few from my backside upon walling myself in! Too bad the arrows were to badly damaged to used again, they would have come in handy.

If I ever get out of here alive, the first thing I'm going to do is wall up that cursed sink-hole that brought me into this hell! Fill it in with rock and dirt! Never again will it take someone to these cursed depths! Not that that's very likely, though. I was pretty well removed from anything resembling civilization when I fell. Of course, all that means now is... oh god...  no chance of rescue... Heaven help me.


I used some cacti and sand that I had gathered to set a trap! I realized that some of the monsters were getting caught in the current of water and ending up pushing right against my wall. I dug a little around to direct the current, planted my cacti on either side, then blocked off all but a small bit at the bottom so that they can't get in! They still try, of course. These creatures aren't smart. They get caught in the water and then die on my cacti! Best yet, when they die, things they were holding - or sometimes parts of them - get sucked under the rock and right to me!

I was able to make some bonemeal out of bones the skeletons drop. I also happen to know that bonemeal makes for great fertilizer. Long-story-short, I now have plenty of bread! I have some saplings with me too. I don't know if it'll work, but if I can hollow out enough space, I may even be able to grow a tree. If so, then my supplies may not be as limited as I thought!


Score! I was expanding my cactus-trap a bit and I found some iron, then some diamond! Using some coal I found a bit ago, I was able to smelt the iron in my stone furnace and then fashion an iron sword and an iron pick axe. With said pick, I mined away at that diamond and recovered enough for some new boots. They're a bit too flashy and uncomfortable for my tastes, but they're a hell of a lot better than my old beat-up leather boots. Every bit of protection helps!


Ran into a snag. A big one. But then, aren't they all? While digging out a big enough space to plant my tree in, I discovered that my hidey-hole takes residence directly below a lake of lava (that explains this damned heat...). Fortunately, due to my quick wits and handy cobble, I was able to block off the lava flow without getting burned up. When I tried to mine down, I broke into not one, but two more lava lakes on either side! Argh! Why do the gods of fate despise me so!


OK. Ok. I'm done. It was a lot of work, risky as all get out, and I even singed my shirt a bit, but I'm done. I blocked off all of the lava flow (walled 'em up good!) and finished my pit. Now, for my first attempt at a tree...


Ok. The fire is out. *sigh* back to the drawing board.

--- End of Day One ---

Score so far:

Zombie kills: 2 (at half a point each) = 1pt
Spider kills: 1 = 1pt
Pumpkins harvested: 3 =2pts
Jack-o-Lantern get!: 2pts
Bread get!: 4pts

Total: 10pts

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