Saturday, April 16, 2011

404: Day Four

 ---Day Four---

I broke through the wall this morning(?). Sure enough, there was a spider and a fresh water source. The bonus? Gold! I saw three hunks of raw gold ore in the wall! As soon as I light the place up, I'm going to mine that gold so hard that it won't know what hit it! (hint: it's my pick axe)


The craziest thing happened! A zombie was chasing me around outside my home and he fell into a little hole in the ground! I blocked off the top and opened a little window on the side to look at him. These things are so weird. The moan and groan constantly, as would be expected from zombies, but they apparently also bounce at all times. It's like he's stuck on some sort of jumpy-thingie. Like a tambourine you jump on. A jumpourine!

I think I'll name him Pogo.


If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that the monsters are getting more violent and restless. Every time I go up to the gold, there's a new spider or skeleton! I haven't started mining the gold yet, as I want to light up some more of the caverns it branches out into. Wouldn't want a creeper to creep up on my and creep--err - explode and kill me.


I think I may have broken a leg. I was up in the cave-loft (as I'm coming to know it as), lighting up the area when I spotted the creeper moving towards me in the shadows. I immediately spun around to run back the way I came and tripped on a rock and fell into a ditch running just deep enough to prevent my escape. To my left was a six-meter drop down to my base and behind me was the creeper already hissing and ready to blow. I had no choice but to jump.

Now, I'm just waiting for my wheat to finish growing - it's almost done - and then maybe I can mine that damn gold.


I renovated my first cacti trap again. Now it's even more efficient! I'm going to go check up on Pogo and then off to the gold!

---End of Day Four---

 The journal ends there.

The body was discovered not far from the dugout.

The scene was unpleasant.

Ending Score:

Zombie kills: 14 = 7pt
Spider kills: 8 = 8pt
Skeleton kills: 8 = 8pts
Creeper kills: 5 = 10
Pumpkins harvested: 3 =2pts
Jack-o-Lantern get! = 2pts
Bread get!: = 4pts
Iron Block get!: = 2pts
Bow and 64 Arrows get!: = 10pts

Total: 55pts


I found the 404 challenge thanks to Paulsoaresjr. I've been watching his Minecraft videos since I got into them
late last year. They're great vids, especially his tutorial videos (if you want to start up Minecraft for yourself.) Anyway. It was a very challenging adventure. Took me five tries to get down into the cave alive. I admit that I kind of expected things to last a bit longer though. In fact, I almost completely blame my death on a customer issue (I was playing at lunch at work) I had to deal with in the middle of fighting a skeleton. I had paused the game to deal with the issue, and when I returned I had forgotten what was happening. It cost me a few extra hits I didn't need and when I killed him, I'm pretty sure that Pogo somehow escaped from his prison and did me in.

No big deal, that's point of a challenge. If it was easy, it would be boring.

I fully intend on trying again, but I don't know if I'm going to do another journal for it. If you liked this and would like me to make a second in-character journal, leave me a comment either here or on Facebook and I'll very likely do it. If not, no biggie. Thanks for reading! 

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