Saturday, April 16, 2011

404: Day Three

---Day Three--- 

I've taken to transporting the lava around my base and depositing into little dug-outs. The light it sheds is wonderful and soothing. It's like my cave is littered with some sort of lamps made of lava. Using my new technique, I've been able to explore around my base a while. I'm getting more and more brave as time goes on.
What's that sound?



Ok, everything's fine. The creeper's explosion took out my garden, but I had enough seeds stored away in my chest that I was able to re-plant everything. I had to use almost all the bone meal I'd collected to rapidly regrow them so that I could make enough bread to heal myself, so I'm going to need some more bones here soon- WHAT IN THE---


No more! I put a lava lamp in the hallway leading to my cactus trap, so hopefully nothing else will crawl from the darkness and into my humble home again. At least I have plenty of bones now thanks to the amazing skeleton bros. who decided to follow the creeper's example and try to take me out. I'm too wily, you see!


Perhaps I'm getting to gutsy. Perhaps this cave doesn't like my confidence. Perhaps the creepers can smell it.

So I found a tunnel around the back side of my home that lead to a huge pile of gravel. I was humbly shoveling through it, searching for some flint to make arrows, when the whole stack shifted and revealed another section of the cave above.

I used the landscape to my advantage and climbed up the gravel to peek out from beneath the rock. I was able to kill a couple skeletons and a few zombies without an issue.

Then the creepers came.

The first one wasn't a problem. I dispatched him as easily as the other monsters. The second one was on to my tricks, however. He jumped up on top of the stone above my head and detonated himself! I thought I was dead. My vision went white and blue, and I seriously thought I'd gone to Heaven. Eventually, I was able to come to my senses and saw the gaping hole the explosion left.

After I plugged it back up, I took inventory of my limbs. I was surprised to find that the explosion hadn't hit me at all. I was perfectly fine.

I took my new outlook on life and cowered in the corner, sobbing myself to sleep. I woke up some time ago. I'm no longer the blubbering, useless pile of terror I was when I fell asleep, but I'm definitely never, never going back out there.



So I was outside my base, building up my defenses with another cactus trap when I heard some spiders through the wall. I think there's some running water up there, too. Tomorrow, I'm going to break through and get myself a fresh water source!

Score so far:

Zombie kills: 13 = 6.5pt
Spider kills: 6 = 6pt
Skeleton kills: 6 = 6pts
Creeper kills: 5 = 10
Pumpkins harvested: 3 =2pts
Jack-o-Lantern get! = 2pts
Bread get!: = 4pts
Iron Block get!: = 2pts

Total: 40.5pts

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