Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Start

I'm nothing special. I have my virtues and my flaws, my personality quirks and annoying tendencies. I'm mostly starting this blog as a means to keep record of the tales and adventures of our RPGs. This is nothing new (and Lord knows, not the most entertaining) but I figured 'why not'? I expect 99% of the people who even give this a glance will be my close friends, and they are most certainly welcome to give me their input.

 I'm very much a gamer and under any other circumstances would be considered to waste a bit too much time in front of the TV with a controller in hand, but I have the wonderful excuse of managing a Video Game store and enjoy it quite a bit (some days less than others, admittedly)

Bless my wife for putting up with it (and indulging in the same vice from time to time, hehe...)

Whenever I get the chance to, I travel to my home town (about an hour away) and hang out with friends. Although, I'm very much an introvert and keeping a social tie is about the most difficult thing I do (FYI: I'm not very good at it). As such, it's kind of interesting that I love pen-and-paper RPGs- being such a social pass time. You'll never see me at a hobby shop joining in a random game of D&D, in fact I don't much care for discussing gaming with other gamers (it just bugs me for some reason).

RPGs though, are very important to my friends and myself. Being what brought most of us together and united us in more ways than one - it's how I met my wife and at this point, I consider my best friends part of my family. So it's understandable how much we love them. We often play by our own rules (two of our longest-running campaigns have been under a system we created) but to us, crafting a compelling and well-told story is the most important thing of all - and having fun while doing it, of course.

As you'll very quickly see, I'm not the best writer (you have to compose your words?) but that's the beauty of the RPG told story - it's a collection of minds come together to help craft the same story. My roll as Storyteller (Game Master, Dungeon Master, whatever floats your boat) is not to actually tell the story as the term implies, but to set up the pieces of a world and litter events before my players. It's the group as a whole who fit the puzzle together as they see fit -usually dictated by the progression of the story itself - and to fill in the rest with whatever else we want. And therein lies the true addicting nature of our RPGs; we aren't just having fun and shouting at each other with imagined persona, we are taking part in something greater, each with an equal claim to the final product.

Our group has seen many come and go, but the core has (for the most part) never wavered. I've met many interesting people (whether I like it or not) in this manner, and it's something I hold very dear.

So as (if) you read this blog, keep in mind that even if I cannot portray the events of our sessions gracefully -and sometimes coherently- know that there is a greater feeling and depth to them, and that they mean a great deal to me and I frankly don't give a crap what you think of them. :p

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