Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little about 109...

Happy Force 109 is an RPG that my two closest friends and my wife started a couple months after we got married. We had moved into her parent's house, which at the time was 20 minutes away. It doesn't sound like too much now, but at the time we may as well have been on the North Pole. We eventually got brave enough to have Sydtronic and Keiri out, but didn't dare have the whole group out as we thought (for some reason) that it would be too difficult. we started 109 to sort of keep the bond alive and continue the legacy set forth by HFN.

The idea was to create characters who were the distant relatives of the original HFN and that the new story would take place an unknown number of years after they had all died in a (then-unknown) catastrophic event. We wanted to avoid the creation of clones of the original, so we made the rule that each player had to create a character descending from a different player's character. So Silverain's character couldn't descend from her angel character and Sydtronic couldn't play a descendant of his ninja and so on.

The story would begin on a planet that hadn't yet discovered the wonders of space travel. Each character would be discovered (in their teen-age years) to have a special power known as a gift. They would then be sent to a boarding school specifically designed to teach gifted children. (Inspired both by X-Men as well as another friend's RPG called Happy Force Collision Course).

Similar to HFN, this RPG didn't truly take off until much later in the course of running it, but I at least had some general idea as to what I wanted to do. That general idea eventually split into a dozen ideas, and has only recently solidified into a single, overarching goal. Now I've got my bearings straight and my mind set, so (hopefully) the rest of the story should lay itself out, providing I can continue to create interesting NPCs (It's not something that comes easily for me...)

On my next post I'll start on detailing and recapping the story to the best of my memory. It's been a little over two years since I started the game and I don't have the best memory, so I'll try my best.

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