Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little about the guardians...

When I told my players to write up character backgrounds for their original HFN characters, I was simply looking for a brief "this is how I got to where I am" sort of story. However, I always encourage creativity and details. Whenever I tell Sydtronic this, I always see a little gleam in his eye.

Syd really likes to be creative and loves to write stories. Whenever I tell him to write up a background for a character, it gives him an excuse to exercise that creative muscle. This was definitely the case with Kaze. This is the paraphrased story he gave me.


On the planet Canadanse, there is a legend of nine guardians. The guardians are powerful spirit animals, each tied to a different element. They protect the world of Canadanse and it's people. Every so often, the guardians take mortal form by imbuing their power in nine chosen people of the world.

These nine chosen gain the ability to mold and bend their respective elements to their will. In addition, they inherit their respective guardian's qualities and, in the most powerful cases, even gain the ability to shift their form into that of the spirit itself.

The chosen are usually born in order to serve a great purpose that the guardians wouldn't be able to handle in their spiritual forms. These purposes usually come in the form of protecting the Canadanse people from some great evil or oppression. Sometimes, it's to lead the people to a greater enlightenment or to advance their understanding of the guardians themselves. No matter what the reason, the appearance of the chosen is regarded as a very important time in their history.

The chosen are usually identified at a very young age and are taken from their homes and brought together at a temple on Mt. Kouseiyouso. There, they are trained and raised together under a set of ideals and morals by the monks of the temple. This ensures that the chosen will not only know how to harness their intense powers, but not to abuse them.

Of course, during the time of 109, things have changed with the oppression of the Alon. During their reign, the legendary chosen are considered nothing more than nine more cursed monsters ready to be unleashed on the innocent people of the galaxy (and they have good reason to believe such due to the events that transpired with them in HFN). Of course, even though times have changed, the legend sure hasn't, and the cycle of the guardians continues. Alon or no Alon.


Thanks to Silverain's initiative in making Adriana one of the chosen from Sydtronic's lore and not making her one of the nine elements that Syd had picked out (fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, ice, spirit, light, and dark), it left me with the challenge of coming up with eight more elements that didn't overlap with Syd's. The task was actually a lot of fun. I had to really stretch it in some cases, but overall, I'm happy with the results (even if I did have to get a little abstract with a couple). So far, my players know of maybe half of these elements, but I'm very excited to get to them.

Oh, Syd, if I screwed up on any of the lore, please let me know.

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